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Buy local, and be part of a community

Thinking about, talking to, holding, remembering comforting, dear things from our home helps us to be brave.

In the same way that Alice (in Wonderland) takes courage through her sporadic references to her cat Dinah, the home- its furnishings, its people and pets- is a huge factor in children’s experience of safety and security. Feeling safe and secure facilitates positive developmental outcomes for children. 

Dinah, my dear! is an online children’s homewares retailer focused on the community, and on supporting children’s emotional and developmental needs at home. Our curated range of bedding, décor and soft furnishings is sourced exclusively from local brands and artisans, providing families with the opportunity to be part of a community of mums, dads, grandparents, and other relations, all helping each other. The boss’ background in early childhood education and care gives her a unique perspective in the retail industry, and informs everything we do, sell, and say. 

A bit more about our name

Our name, ‘Dinah, my dear!’, is taken from the first few pages of Lewis Carroll’s 1865 children’s classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Here Alice wonders if the subterranean land down the rabbit-hole could be Australia or New Zealand, and worries for her cat, Dinah, who will be without her to-night. 

Alice is the boss’ favourite English language work of fiction, and she thought a refence to a curious and courageous little girl and her precious cat, Dinah, would be apt, as she is setting out on a challenging and wondrous adventure herself.

Meet the boss

Dinah proprietor Sara is a certificate qualified early childhood educator, former retail associate, and highly rated B & B host. She likes the colour black, imagining in colour, and speaking about herself in the third person, and dislikes avocado. Sara speaks Japanese, is learning Korean, and is excited to support children and families in new and innovative ways through her little shoppe. 

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